That’s supposed to be the sound of me coming back to life, blog o sphere speaking. Like a zombie, but less icky.


I’m back. I was gone the past few months because I was jobless, and not having a job means you have to look for one, and looking for one and not finding one is depressing, and then depressing things make you retreat to what you find the most enjoyable, which meant that I spent the past two months playing video games and talking to friends when I wasn’t looking for a job. Which is all well and good, but now it’s time to get back to business. I’ll still keep the video games and friends though. Particularly attractive male ones. Rawr.

I’ve been gone for several weeks now. Life has been…hmm…odd. I’m still searching for a job and panicking on what I’m going to do for rent. I’m behind in things I want to do, but sometimes those things have to come second for what I need to do to live. At least I’ve got supportive friends though. Were I a better person, I probably wouldn’t have let my religious stuff slide during this time of personal crisis, but I have. I know I need it back though. I know I do.