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So my access to the beloved Divinity section of the Vanderbilt Library is restricted until I can get back to Nashville and get an alumni library card.  Which won’t be a huge deal except my transmission isn’t playing nice.  Sad day.  However, I do still have Triumph of the Moon and The Pagan Christ checked out.  Sadly, if I don’t renew Triumph by around the 16th or so, I’m going to start accruing fines, so I have to go early next week, Goddess willing my darned little car gets fixed!  I don’t have access to The Spiral Dance at the moment, but its on the list of things to check back out 🙂

In other news, I’ve been listening to The Wigglian Way, which is BAD FREAKING PAGAN ASS!  Seriously though, these guys are pretty awesome, and their Canadian accents are quite pleasant to listen to (if I listen too long I start to bleed over a bit lol).  I am on episode 8 right now, and I’ll listen until I catch up!  Mojo from the Wigglian way is also the husband of one of my favorite bloggers, The Witch of Forest Grove, otherwise known as Sarah, and she puts out fabulous material as well as having a shop and a podcast of her own.

I am also trying to contact a few groves and circles in the Clarksville/Nashville area. No response yet, but we shall see!  I am also debating trying out The Grey School, although there is a small tuition, it is nonprofit.  Needing a job first, obviously.  I am nervous, to say the least, about online classes that you have to pay for, but I’ve heard good reviews, AND these guys aren’t teaching anything with divinity, but with the arcane in general, which makes it a bit more acceptable to me, I suppose.  Not sure on anything yet!

Hoping to get that article of Pagan/Warcraft spirituality comparison for any pagan gaming nerds out there on Sunday!

Blessed Be,