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I had a wonderful opportunity earlier this week.  My beautiful serpintine lovely, my wonderful corn snake Taco, shed her skin, and I was finally able to see her in action!  I saw about the last 2/3 of the shed, and the full skin is just over 5 ft.  Her muscles moved so wonderfully and sinuously as she shed off her old skin, and cast it aside.  This is the 4th whole skin of hers that I have, although one of my best ones recently ripped.  I may try to use it in spell work, although I am not certain yet.

We too shed our skins many times, and not just physically, although Dark Winter tends to make our skins a bit dry.  Although the date of Imbolc has passed, it still lingers in our hearts and homes.  It is this part of the year to shed our skins and emerge from our dark selves back into the light.  Although the winter weather still lingers, Spring hides in its shadow, waiting until the perfect time to leap out at us.



Its as long as I am tall 0.0

She's getting to be a big girl!

I want to shed my skin- my fears, my insecurities.  Those who know me know that my current situation is stressful- I tried to cut all my stress away, but its hard when the person you live with is the source.  To be honest, I am tired of the fighting, although much is my fault.  And with this realization, I know that I have put myself in another’s power by letting myself be ruled by them.   I will not be ruled by anyone anymore beyond myself.  The Divine may help shape my life, but it is my feet that walk the pathways.  It is my eyes that see the trees that shade me, my limbs that push me over the cracks in the ground, and my strength, aided by the Divine, that keeps me walking down my path.   Balance plays in two ways- we cannot rules anything beyond ourselves, yet if we allow others to rule us we lose ourselves to them.  And so I shall stand tall, and shed away the negativity binding me, sticking to me like an itchy scale, and I shall be reborn into a new skin, brighter and brighter with each time that I shed the old me away.