Ok, so I’ve got my own plethora of basic 101 books with every correspondence you can think of, and alot of these have trees and woods in them.  That’s all well and good, but here’s a question- WHERE IS THE MAPLE?!

I understand many of these sources come from European witches, yet the Maple spans everywhere from Asia to Europe and all over North America, with over 129 species.  So why in the name of the Goddess are they never used in correspondences for wood?!  Is the maple not good enough for the ‘witchery’?  WHAT THE HELL?!

For being a ‘mere mundane’ tree, Maple is used for everything from syrup to being cultivated as bonsai trees to being one of the most beautiful sounding tonewoods.  Pretty sweet stuff if you ask me.

I supposed I’ve got a special love of the Maple.  With the Silver Maple being such a fantastic and common tree around this area of the south, it’s hard not to feel close to them.  Also, there was a beautiful maple in my stepfather’s back yard.  I used to climb her often.  Many years ago, I took 5 seedlings of hers, the beautiful little whirlybirds, and started them out.  I only had one survivor, which I then planted out at my Grandmother’s in honor of my Grandfather.  His name is Edward Phillip Maple (I was 12 when I helped him start out, give me a break lol), and I’ve felt a connection to that tree like none other.  I’ll post a picture the next time I get one, I can’t find a current one, although I’d say he breaks at least 15 feet by now.  He has a beautiful formation, spiking out in 3 sections.  He’d have more lower branches, but he was pruned without my knowing several years back and the lower branches removed, so I’m not sure how well he’ll keep for climbing.  Sadly, his mother was recently cut down, as her roots were lifting my stepfather’s garage up off the ground and ripping through concrete.  I hope to use part of her wood for a few crafts.