So once again I’ve poofed for a while.  Thing is, my life is in this huge chaotic mess right now.  I’m on a raid hiatus due to work schedule right now, plus I’ve got alot of other things going on. Still crummy home life and I am working on trying to communicate a bit better with the family but it is rough.  I’ve found a new cool place outside of my house though! Its a pretty cool comic store.  I am getting back into Magic the Gathering, plus hopefully I’ll be back on WoW at least some, doing heroics and what not.

In terms of what I am doing for Ostara- I had planned to celebrate with friends, but sadly that is not going according to plan due to work schedule. Plus, I need to wait til April to really have some freedom, as the car swaps over to my name at that point. However, at the beginning of April something wonderful happens- I get to see my wonderful man again! The upcoming visit gives me hope even when I get cranky and depressed feeling.


So, in terms of what is happening with the blog, I should have my internet connection a bit more reliable soon.  From there, since I am on a raid hiatus, I will probably work more on the Ancient Meme concept I was exploring, plus creating some character back story and my experiences working with just the 5 man heroics.

With my Pagan exploration, I’ll keep this updated with meditations and such I’ve been doing.  I can’t let my mind drag me down! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming 🙂


Oh! A few last things! I may get into the Wow TCG.  I’ve got a few people willing to teach me, which is pretty cool.  Not sure how much I’ll be able to invest into it, but I’d definitely like to learn how to play.  It is supposed to be pretty similar to Magic, with key words replaced. So with my knowledge of MtG and actual WoW, I should hopefully be able to pick it up!

Also, I may start including some of the decks that I am running when playing MtG on the blog. I’ll make sure to tag everything, so if you read this for a specific topic its easier to sift though 🙂