So in an effort to keep everything somewhat organized and to keep all the topics organized in my head, as it tends to wander and meander in every possible direction, I have decided to create a new way for me to post.  Each day will have a topic. At first, I won’t be posting for each day, but in the next few weeks I should have something for each!  And here is the list! (The abbreviations after each will be categories)

Musical and Mythological Mondays (MMM) – I will discuss my current musical forays as well as mythology, often focusing on a single goddess or god and doing some research on them

Tarot Tuesday (TT) – Here I will pull tarot cards and research the imagery within, starting with the Waite-Rider deck.  I’ll also use this to talk about any other experiences with divination.

Witchy Wednesday (WW)- This day is for any random witchy and magical happenings.  Good open category

Herbal Thursday (HT)- I’ll go into mythological, medicinal and magickal uses of a single herb on these days

Philosophical Fridays (PF)- My day for random philosophical thoughts, whether they be from a philosopher’s work or my own trains of thought

Sexy, Spicy and Stretchy Saturdays (SSSS)- A day for recipes and indulging the senses as well as learning to control your urges for sensation. I’ll have cooking recipes, research on meditations and yoga and my personal experiences with them, and also maybe an occasional sexy tip I find online for improving confidence 😛

Synthetic and Athletic Sundays (SAS)- My day for gaming and athletic activities (archery anyone?).  This will have my continuation of the Ancient Meme as well as anything pertaining to my wonderful nerdy hobbies.


As I said, it will take a while before I’ll be writing several times a week, and even then it may not be every topic every week, but it gives myself a good goal and any readers some good expectations!