I miss the cool autumn breeze, the stir of the leaves falling and covering the earth. Summer is beautiful but stifling right now, when so much will be changing personally for me soon.  The season is like my current position in a way- full of promise but hard to want to move because of the heat!!!!

In a more interesting note, I am currently working on a priest, Reynae, who looks like an adorable little warlock with her shadow abilities and her Dreadmist set! Cute!!!!  I’ve got so much that I want to do on Nymphadora that its daunting!!!! Also since my graphics leave so much to be desired that it gets frustrating. I can’t raid right now, but ever since I reinstalled I almost don’t want to even get on Nym, just worrying about addons and what not.  I haven’t even done the Zandalari heroics yet!!!!!  But I’m going through on Reynae with my wonderful boyfriend who is leveling a gnome warrior with me as we take a break from high level snazz and get back to basics!

Also in a wonderful turn of events, he is quite interested in the pagan path as well!  Yay! Maybe I’ll be able to have myself a wonderful life as a wow/nerd/Pagan couple, just like my mind always imagined. Make the kids do the chores and such 😉

I’ve still been dealing with alot of other life changes, as well as coping with the fact that my current living situation does not provide with reliable access to wifi. Thus I’ve discovered the registered Starbucks gift card and alotted myself a certain amount each month for a budget. Yay!

Soon the blog will be getting some regular updates, promise! Just gotta get myself going! 🙂

Blessed be