In the latter part of July, I was rummaging through my witchy drawer, careful not to poke myself on any sharp goodies within, and stumbled upon a few coyote teeth I had from when I was much younger.  I had found these teeth far before I crossed into the pagan pathway, and the teeth were from an old coyote skeleton that was most likely shot by hunters.  I realized that although I had had these teeth for several years (also two dew claws) that I had never cleansed them.  So I set out to do so!  I put strips of cedar bark with crushed up sage leaves into a bowl with some clover honey as an offering to the coyote spirit (alas I had no meat!), and burned a stick of sage, making sure the smoke covered the teeth and offering. I also lit my God candle, left over from a previous ritual.  This offering sat for several days, until today!

I took the bowl with the offering, as well as some strips of aloe leaves (I had harvested 3 aloe leaves several days earlier and took all the juicy goodness and put it into a vial to treat a spider bite I had), and an apple, cut into 4, and pitched them into the back yard at my mother’s house.  The deer will eagerly devour the apple, and while we may not have coyotes in that yard I’m certain some wild beasty will at least sniff it!

Ah, the smell of sage in the air!

Those deer will love a nice apple! They eat our pears all the time right off the tree anyway!