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I am the ripples in the water

As you enter the calm pool

And I slowly caress your toes

Your calves , Your thighs

Over every inch of your skin

I am the air you breathe

Filling your lungs

Filling all the places inside you to the brim

Clearing your heart and mind

And keeping you alive

I am the earth beneath your feet

The source of your grounding

In the very food you eat, the wholesome bread

The sweet flesh of fruits

The crisp taste of my bounty

I am the fire inside you

That warmth blazing, passion

Instinct and the will to survive

Keeping you going in the darkest hours

Through the most bitter cold

I am the maiden you crave

I am the mother you love

I am the crone you fear

And I am the darkness in your own heart.

Look not far for me, for I am there

In the eyes of every woman you’ve ever met

In the eyes of them you see me, the she beast, the divine,

Beautiful and shining, terrible and deadly

Always the Goddess in your dreams.