I’ve been doing alot of thinking lately.  From one corner of the mind to the next.  And in this thinking, I’ve made a few important decisions, one involving my blogging future!

While I love my general theme of having paganism/wow on the same blog, it becomes problematic when one tries to appeal to a broader audience.  Granted, I’ll not be number crunching in wow anytime soon, not until I get a better internet situation at home and a new computer, but still, I’d like to be able to appeal to both audiences without distancing the other.

That is why I’ve decided to use my other domain that I’ve been saving for WoW related news, posts, and general pulp culture things I like.  I’ll be getting back to my ancient meme series soon (or should I say actually starting it), and that and a few other items will probably span both blogs.  My overall goal is to post once on each site once a week, to get the ball rolling again.  There will be alot of format changes to both this site and the other one, which is quite bland at the moment.  And what is that other site you say?


Literally, I just finally looked at it again, so it’s pretty blank.  I’ve got work tonight and lots to do tomorrow, but I’ll have it up and properly running, as well as changes completed to this site this weekend.

To any loyal readers, thank you, and I hope to broaden my horizons with this change.  Inner Sanctum will remain about paganism, my personal journey, as well as my poetry, any crafting, and art.  A few things will span both blogs as well, and I’ll have links in between the two when it calls for it.

❤ Nym