The lightless road is paved in dreams

That I cannot remember

How do I seek them? How do I see?

How can I follow a road invisible to me?

I light the flame, and it hardly keeps the dark at bay

Yet there is the faintest glow now

And I walk on, slowly, surely.

A sleepwalker on her vigil.

Then, in the darkest moments, the Sun kisses the sky.

And he is reborn to me.

His laughter kisses my face, his mirth infects my tears

And he is the child I so long to hold.

You left me, dearest one.  I knew you had to, the sacrifice was needed.  And yet you destroyed me, left me alone.

But you left me not alone, but with child. With you.

And now I can love you again, from the smallest light, to the full Sun, to the waning day.

You are my love, my sun, my sky, my heart.

You are my Lord, my Lover, my other Half.

And the world is in balance once again.



My Yule was quiet.  My family is Christian, and since I’m currently living with them, celebrations are harder.  Yet, since Samhain, I have been like the Earth herself, asleep.  Now, although I am still in some ways asleep, I feel him in my arms, the Sun, and I know that I will be ok.  Hope is reborn anew, and I can taste it in the corners of my closed eye lids.