I’ve been thinking alot about the point of this blog, what I am trying to do with it, and why it has been failing. And you know what I realized? It was because I’ve been trying to write it for other people. I love reading all the witchy and lovely and awesome blogs that are out there, that provide awesome information and fantastic shit that I gobble up with my greedy little lust of knowledge. You know what else? I can’t recreate that. I don’t have the knowledge in my own path that these people do. If they have submerged themselves to get to the darkest depths, I’ve yet to even hold my breath. So I’ve decided to stop pretending. Yes, I am a pagan and I love my path. But I’m as fledgling as a fledging can be on my path, and in truth all walks of life. I’m 22 years old for fuck’s sake, I don’t have to know everything right now. I’ve spent 7 years with my head in the books, it’s time I get my ass moving! And I’m using this blog as a tool. Between this and a hand journal for keeping up my love of actually writing words, I’m going to get back my creative mojo, reconnect to what I want, and kick some general ass. Eventually I’ll get you readers here, reading all up in my goodies. Til then, look at my nice blogroll and there are several ladies and gents who will help you on your way 🙂

❤ Nym