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My first PBP post! Whoo!

This topic may not seem very pagan or witchy at first, but as someone who lacks it somedays, I feel its very important for me to address.

As pagans we live in a world where words have become powerful, more so than some would like.  There are thousands of ways for us to convey our words to others, over the internet, mail, speaking, texting, etc.  This is quite lovely, and wonderful, in most respects.  Somedays though, I find that we get too wrapped up in words.  While we may be poets at heart, writing and wringing our hearts for all to hear, sometimes we need to be activists.  Sometimes we need to move beyond the words to find ourselves.  Sometimes, we must DO instead of think!

This may seem like rambling at this point, but I promise there is an end to this, so bear with me.

I am an armchair pagan.  Yep, I admit it.  I spend more time with my head in books and blogs than anything else.  And you know what?  I am TIRED of it!  Granted, I can never fully give up my researching and bookish habits, and I don’t want to.  What I need is to establish primary practices.  Get the day started with prayer, with meditation, something!  I’m reasonably sure there are ALOT of other pagans who are in this debacle.  So I propose a goal for all of us- 10 minutes.  Spend at least 10 minutes a day in meditation, contemplation, talking to the gods.  Take just a few moments to your self, for your own spirituality.  I’ll be posting more on my own 10 minute periods in my blog, but if anyone feels like sharing theirs, go ahead!

This article is relatively short, but I am also playing catch up with limited time to write.  My PBP will slowly lengthen each week I think 🙂

❤ Nym