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Yep, another “is this really witchy?” topic for my Pagan Blog Project post.  And yes, this one will also be without pictures.  While trying to catch up I’ve been shodding the letters some.  I’ll hopefully be having lovely pictures with my “C” topics.


So, brevity.  You and are often at odds with one another.  In fact, you tend to be the enemy of most of us with the ADD persuasion.  And why is that? Because stream of conscious thinking tends to be at war with succinct and concise thought.  From someone who plays on both sides of the fence, someone who wants to eventually turn her blog into more than just a bunch of rambling thoughts, and who tends to be overwhelmed within her thoughts, I have to come to grips with brevity.  What better way than through practices that will entwine themselves with my entire life?

I see lovely rituals created online, in Wicca 101 books, in group rituals.  These are gorgeous rituals that make you feel the energy of the group, that take you up and down the roller coasters of emotion and make your very bodies hum to the gods (or they might be a bunch of shit, those are often present too, but I’m erring on the side of optimism and not on the stack of books in the corner mentally labeled “shit not to read”).  These rituals have their time and place, they really do.  For huge holidays and festivals and, you guessed it, group work!  But who has time for long ass rituals every day?  And who gets all intimidated by the idea of creating one when first starting their path? ME. That’s right.  Those long lovely things scare the willies out of me.  And that’s why, while working on meditation for my tradition training, I’m going to work on brevity in thought and action.  Yes, my poetic ramblings have their place.  Sometimes though, you just gotta get shit done.  Sit, focus, pray.  Rinse, repeat.  Yeah, the Gods may care about all the little nuances you have going on in your brain.  But they don’t want to listen to the rabble as you rant on and on about the man not caring about you, about the family who pisses you off.  Go to the Gods with your praise and with your problems, yes.  But remember, its like the difference between telling your lover how your day was and telling them every iota of ridiculous thought that popped into your head.  Sometimes the shorter statement can be the more powerful.

Now, of course, we have to recognize when and where brevity itself has its place.  But I think that this comes with experience in spirituality, social interaction and with life itself.  So I won’t get too down on myself if I still ramble from time to time, I am young with many lessons left to learn.  But brevity, I hope one day to call upon you as a friend when needed.  Just like that friend who you know you can always count on to kick some ass for you if you ever get in too deep, you’ll be my ally when I just need to cut the cords and get things done!

And there is my first ‘B’ post!

❤ Nym