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Sannion over at The House of Vines (a most excellent and noteworthy blog 🙂 ) has been accepting devotional works for the Boubastia.  I don’t have a working relationship with the lovely Bast, but I do find her fascinating and I would greatly love to work with her one day.  As cats do hold a special place in my heart, I submitted this piece of mine (this isn’t a contest so I don’t feel remiss about posting it on my own blog hehe).  I hope you enjoy.

Little Brother

Little brother, little friend

I felt you in my arms when we first met

And your wide eyed stare swallowed the world-

Green eyes as light as the first buds of spring,

And pupils black as night.


You ran around like you were high on life (and other things)

For days on end-

You pounced, you prowled, you purred, you played,

You made my world on that first night.


The months passed by and you calmed down, still frisky, still wild,

The same as I, a youthful wild child

You ruined my favorite toys with your urges,

I tossed you on top of mice to catch them,

And you did, you delightful little brother.


You ruined the toilet paper, but you kept to the box,

You ate plastic and we could never have tinsel,

But you slept at my feet every night

And were there for me every time I cried.


Your fur was black as night, white as snow

And your face was pure symmetry,

Between those green, black-lined eyes-

You were a prince among paupers,

A king in your home.


The years passed by and you became my second half

As I struggled through puberty and hormones

Through dark times, through turbulent rivers of emotion,

You were always there.  I hugged you,

I cried in your silken fur

And you never left me.


And then I left, onward, from the home nest.  You cried.

You mewed.

You threw fits.

And finally, you became sick.


I came home from college to that Thanksgiving, and I knew it would be our last

You could barely stand, you were so ill, but I didn’t want to give you up.

You were my brother.

You were my friend.


I held you there, in the vet’s office.  I stayed calm and talked to you

I didn’t cry a tear until you were peacefully asleep.

But after that, and after the second shot, and the whole way home

I cried. I screamed.  I mourned.


I put your body in the cold ground, wrapped in a warm blanket that you often slept on.

I shoved the first piles of dirt while I continued to cry, continued to scream

Until my family pulled me away to finish the deed.


You were my everything, my friend.  My love, my brother, my feline companion.  I loved you.

With all my heart, with all my soul.

And years later I still mourn for you.  But I remember all the happiness you gave me.

Even now as I cry tears of sadness, they mingle with those of joy.

Thank you for living with me, for gracing me with your presence.

Thank you, my Domino.