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Yesterday was Hekate’s deipnon.  For an offering I left some fish (and green beans and rice) that I had prepared at dinner, along with my garlic plant (the poor dear was dying, I felt compelled to at least offer it to Hekate instead of letting it rot in the pot as I can’t use any windowsills in this house anymore for plants) at the edge of the driveway in a small area of bushes and plants and stones.  Today, for the Noumenia, I placed a small daffodil on Hekate’s altar in my chalice with some water.  I left an apple at the offering area at the driveway and then also tossed 3 apples to the deer behind my mother’s home.  Whether or not this is proper at all for the Noumenia, I have no idea, but it’s a start!