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The foundation to any good thing is based in practice. Whether it be a sport, a hobby, something crafty, something Crafty, or even just simple communication with the divine. Many pagans end up doing a ‘festival only’ approach, and then when it comes time for the festivals, barely even participate.

Come on, you know you’ve done it. In at least one stage of your life you’ve chuffed off the sabbats and other festivals and just shut in, barely even doing any sort of daily practice/devotional. We all have. Hell, I’m still in that state many a day! It’s a slow climb out, but it’s happening. I think that the first step in strengthening your Craft and your connection is with daily practice, or in a more accurate sense, daily ritual.

Now, why do I call it daily ritual? The concept of ritual, to me, is closely related to routine. I lack both in my life, as do many individuals in their early 20’s. I believe something is to be said about being youthful and spontaneous, but at the same time something is also to be said for having a solid routine in one’s life. I work as a waitress, and often flip flop working days and nights. My life has no routine, and I sorely notice that quite often. I yearn for a solid wake up ritual of wanting to wake up at the same time every morning (well maybe not weekends!) and washing my hands, face, getting a cup of coffee started, and doing a morning devotional. I really really want to do that. Yet, I haven’t been, and it’s no one’s fault but my own. We have to remember that routine worship/devotionals/practice often form the basis of one’s Craft, and not only that, but help center us for having a better day and leading better lives. When I wake up and know I have to go to work and serve bitch-ass army wives who look down upon a civilian waitress who has to work instead of popping out a baby every year (I am not anti-military, but try being a civilian in one of the biggest military towns in the US and you’ll understand my sentiment) who then tip like shit so that they are a complete waste of my time and effort and their little hell brats that they let scream all through the meal end up making such a huge mess that it takes me 10 minutes to clean it up………..

You get the picture. Sometimes we NEED that daily dose of morning coffee and perspective. Whether you go outside and breathe fresh air, nestle your face in your herbs as you water them, inhale in the aroma of your favorite morning beverage while curling your toes on the cold floor, washing your face and feeling the life return to it, reading a hymn in the morning….Sometimes those little things, those daily reminders and devotionals to the divine keep life from becoming overwhelming. Do that before you get ready for work, before you cook breakfast for the family, before you read the depressing news headlines. Align yourself before you take on the world and you’ll become a force that can’t be stopped, least of all by your own mind.

❤ Nym