So HUGE life plans going on! I’m trying to get ready to move cities in about two months, including finding a new job, I just got back from vacation and I’ll have to work a ton to make up for the days of work I missed. The vacation was amazing and allowed for quality time with friends, the wonderful man, my lovely teacher Grace Elm, and an Ostara ritual with the wonderful ladies of the Hearth and Hedge. Essentially it was an amazing weekend and coming back would be so depressing, but I know I’ll be in moving soon, Gods willing! Also putting deep consideration into going back to school not as a part-time community college thing, but back to the highly acclaimed University I left, if I can beg and plead my way back in.

What does this all mean for my blogging life? Hopefully nothing! I know I’m terribly behind with the Pagan Blogging Project, but I’ve got a list of topics made up and am keeping my ideas all organized. Hopefully expect some sort of insightful article tomorrow!

❤ Nym