Hey guys, or should I say my very few dedicated readers! I just wanted to give a brief life update!

In spiritual terms, I’ve been stagnate, but only as the rest of my life is changing quite a bit right now. Never fear, its always in my mind, and will be returning as a major chapter shortly.

I hope to have a new job offer (retail sales) in the next week, and with that I’ll hopefully be able to put in my two weeks notice. I’m strapped very much right now monetarily, so extra things like coffee shop internet times are limited. Plus I’ll have to pack soon, for temporary living situation, as well as begin to prepare for later moving. I’m only going a city away, but it’s enough!

In addition, I am currently trying to file for readmission at my old University! Yay! I want soooo badly to get back in I can hardly stand it!

In terms of the Pagan Blog Project, I am in a stand still, but I’ve got topics that are backlogging. Here are a few things you should expect to see in the next month, when I find those extra minutes!

Daphne (with featured art!)
Ekastis (possibly with featured art!)
Magical Frequency, or Do it!

Expect more along those lines for the PBP topics. I’ve got goals to set, and I’d like to be fully caught up by Beltaine, even if that entails posting them all on the same day!

I’m starting a goal for weight loss tomorrow, I’ve gained wayyyy too much back over this Spring holiday season, as well as an exercise goal as well! AAAAANNNNDDDD this New Moon/Noumenia, I intend on starting my own Do The Stuff challenge, inspired by Fire Lyte over at Inciting a Riot!  I’ll post more on those goals as the time comes.

I hope to be writing again soon, but sometimes life gets in the way of what we want, and we just have to deal with it like a big kid. Or an adult, but most days, I feel nothing like one!

❤ Nym