So the move is in just a few days! Of course, this is just the first move. There will hopefully be another one in about a month, same city, in which I will be either getting an apartment with my best friend (in the same complex as my awesome witch brother!) or I will be staying with my wonderful boyfriend. Woot!

As you can see, there have been some changes to the blog. First off, my email changed, so anyone who is interested in contacting me take note of the new email! Next, the background is different. Yeah, that will be changing quite a bit til I get the one I really like and also get a new header made. I’m going to draw the new one with my tablet, but I need to have access to it (it being already packed up and at the bf’s house), so hopefully in May the blog will be back at maximum spiffyness!

I’ve been a lot more active on twitter lately, and I’m also starting to use tumblr. I’ve made a few decisions on how I want to use all 3. Twitter is, obviously, for my funny daily stuff. Also, I only have a basic pantech phone, so sadly I can’t view pictures or anything on it, but I do get texts from those I choose from twitter. I can send photos though! Yay! I’ll be using tumblr for more impersonal things, possibly random poetry (I’ll post more formal poetry on here), random ramblings, and just anything more informal than deserves to be on the blog. This way, I can make sure my posts to here will be a bit more polished and, if not professional, better planned and written. So keep an eye out for my tumblr, link is on the side, and totally follow me! This life transition will definitely see me being more involved with both the pagan community in my new city AND with the one online!

My PBP posts are a coming, don’t you worry. Also others as well!