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This spell is a 3 part spell. It’s purpose is to cast out, break apart and completely destroy negative habits and emotion. I will be doing this on 3 parts because I am doing the spell currently. This is part of a new series I’ll be doing on the blog on practical spellwork.

First part materials-

sculpy clay
cinnamon oil

Take the sculpy, and pull off chunks. Put pepper on it, and put on some good angry music. Take the clay and smash the shit out of it on the floor, counters, wherever you can smash it. Pour all your anger at yourself and your bad habits into it. If there are specific traits you want to get rid of, say those out loud. I specifically called myself things I associated with those negative traits. After spending a few good minutes pounding it on the ground, putting extra pepper in it, and making sure it’s malleable. Then take the clay and shape into a ball. Then mold a head from the ball. Take the back end of the knife to make awful eyes and use the tip to carve an ugly grimace. This grimace represents how your bad traits have been mocking you. Make sure it’s an image you are going to want to destroy.

Then take the knife point and carve on the bottom of the figure the first letters of those traits you are wanting to expel. Channel some of that anger into it (although there will be more channeling later) and then coat the the figure with cinnamon oil (I had to use cinnamon leaf oil).

Now bake that bitch.

Part two tomorrow. With part 3 I will be also describing my motivation behind this.