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This is the second part of my ‘breaking the habit’ spell. After doing this part of the spell, I realize I need to toss out a quick disclaimer- this isn’t a simple, ‘easy’ spell. This isn’t one for a tiny small habit, for little things that bother you. It could be if you pare it down, but…this spell was dirty, bitter and angry work and, truthfully, it needed to be. If you are thinking of doing something similar for smaller, lesser habits, or a single one, then I’d suggest perhaps working with paper burning or the like. This was pretty intense and I hope to not have to perform a spell like this any time soon.

First, I revved up some good angry music to get myself in a more aggressive, powerful frame of mind. I took my small drum, some salt, my chant, a hammer and the figurine outside to the patio. The chant I wrote for this went like so-

“Break the saddness/break the stress/break the fat/expel the rest/Break the pain/break the wait/break the anger/now MOTIVATE!”

after drumming up and chanting, I set down the drum and kept chanting. Then I slammed my hammer down, ready to release all my anger at myself when I smashed that figure.

I missed.

I missed several times.

This is when it starts to get messy. I chanted, I growled, I cussed, I nearly cried in anger, as I couldn’t break that stupid mocking face. Finally, I hit it. It didn’t shatter. When I baked it, the clay didn’t harden all the way through. Also, it’s sculpy clay, and even after baking it still tends to stay slightly soft. I smashed it as many times as I could, I threw it down on the ground. I did everything I could think of until, finally, I took the back end of the hammer and smacked it into the figure. Since the prongs sunk in, I was able to use that to bash it apart, which in itself is more violent than a single clean break. My energy had been going wild at this point, and as I neared finishing breaking the figure, I felt more and more drained. It wasn’t a single release of that negativity, but instead it flowed out of me, and as I ripped with my hands the last bit of the chunks apart, I knew it was time to stop. I could rip no more, I could tear no more.

Recovery and 3rd part of the spell coming soon.