Ok, maybe I’ve been watching too much Sailor Moon for that title (don’t ask) but I’m finally ready to return to blogging! Yay! One of the biggest changes in my life is a new adorable little kitten!

This is my little kitten, Charlie! He’s a 12 week old Maine Coon mix I adopted from the Fixed Foundation, with my roommate adopting his 15 week old cage mate, Elliott, a grey tabby who is positively gentlemanly and dapper. My little Charlie is absolutely adorable clown of a kitten who still hasn’t grown into his legs, and I’m in love! Sadly, he has worms, but we are getting the medication to deal with that right off the bat!

My garden is booming, although I’ve been slacking a bit with it lately.  The thai basil is about to oust the oregano it seems, and I’m finally about to get some tomatoes (cross your fingers).  My chamomile and lavender are flowering regularly, and my half dead peppers now have blooms!  Come next waning moon, I’m going to harvest my leaf based annuals, and transplant my perennials from the big planters into pots so that they can be stored over the winter.  I’ll have to build an indoor greenhouse shelf and surround with plastic to keep those rambunctious kittens from eating unpleasant snacks.

I’ve also got other exciting news- I’ve gotten back into school!  Yay! I literally cried when I saw my letter with financial aid, as it was the last thing I needed.  I’ve been busy wrapping up all the loose ends, which is why my hiatus lasted longer than I originally anticipated.  I’ll be back up with some good witchy articles and thoughts soon, gotta get back into the writing swing!