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Do you ever find yourself looking at your life and realizing that, while the events going on are fantastic, you are a mess still?  This is where I am currently.  I’m about to go back into school, I’ve got a loving relationship, adorable kitties, a booming garden, enough money to get by, a reasonable relationship with my family, constant contact with friends.  It all seems great.  Yet, I’m also up to my ears in debt, my room is still a disaster from move in, I don’t have a job til school starts, I need to set up an altar, my trad studies have fallen behind, and I am struggling to try and lose weight and to regularly exercise.  I constantly forget to take my medicine, I have horrid nutrition, my garden barely makes it day to day, my poor snake needs more loving, and I just feel like I’m falling apart.  I know it too, and I have to make the changes so I don’t feel this way.  I need to cultivate an awareness of my life to do this, and that will be the biggest challenge.  I’m going to do some major thinking about what goals I want to work on, and I may post them later today.  For now, it’s time for coffee and muffins, I’ve got some mixes for strawberry and blueberry.  Also, donating blood to the Red Cross today, so I won’t be up to tons of stuff later in the afternoon.