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Some days (in fact most days recently) I feel like a fairly terrible witch.  I know I’m supposed to have this great connection with nature, and I know that it takes a good long while to foster that, but a large part of me expects to have that already, which of course leads to disappointment.  I struggle to clear my head enough to try and connect to the energy of my garden most days.  For some time now, I’ve wanted to connect more to the plants around me, particularly the ones that I work with most frequently, that being my potted garden.  While the idea of singing is appealing, the neighbors may wonder what I’m doing, in addition to the fact that I’ve no earthly idea what songs wouldn’t make the plants shrivel up, as my singing leaves much to be desired.  So, finally, I’ve quit bull shitting around in my head and made something somewhat practical, as I couldn’t find any good growing/watering chants (any at all actually) in my plethora of witchy books around the house.  Here is my growing/watering charm.  You are welcome to use it or repost if you wish, but please keep in mind the origins of this when reposting, thanks 🙂

From root to stem

and stem to leaf

and leaf to flower

and flower to fruit

by this water do you grow strong and sound

both above and below the ground

See, nice and simple and easy to memorize.  I’ll be using in about an hour to water my own plants!