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Yesterday was both amazing and awful. Poor Boyfriend ended up being sick Friday night, throwing up several times and was generally miserable all day. I did my best to cheer him up, but he wouldn’t let me do more than get him water and check up on him, the stoic stubborn man. In the afternoon, Amarth and I went to a salves class, where we learned some basics on salves, balms and ointments (I missed the tincture class! grr!) and made our own salves with pre-made herbal infused oil that the teacher prepped. Our all purpose healing salves work well, as I have used it on several cat claw scratches already. Yay practical knowledge!

Afterwards, we visited my friend at the local restaurant she works at, where I had a panini with sushi grade tuna and Pico de gallo with a local brewed beer and Caesar salad. Amarth had a kick ass Reuben (I may have snagged a bite) and we split a cookie dough egg roll dessert. I kid you not, it was absolutely fantastic.

We then meandered to a local bookstore that was fairly overpriced and proceeded to salivate over special editions of books, then went into the neatest little gift shop. It was chock full of lovely little oddities, scarves, purses and fantastic little trinkets, all with that hippy/mexicana/hipster/earthlover feel that makes a good gift store even more wonderful. It was here that I procured a lovely new ancestor offering plate! Yay!

So, in terms of blogging, I’ve got a post chock full of upg in the works. I’m also kicking around with the idea of trying to start back up with the Pagan Blogging Project, and possibly trying out that 30 days of Paganism meme that was out a while back. I’ll keep ya updated if I decide to resume/start those projects.

I’m still not sure the exact direction I want the blog to take, and I realize it’s ok, even though I want to categorize the crap out of everything. Gotta keep calm, right? And maybe I’m relatively tired right now, and full of anxiety, but it is what it is.

I also wanted to let yall know that I’ve decided to convert my tumblr account, link on the side of the blog, to a creative writing blog for my more poetic musings. Some poetry will be on here as well, but as it specifically related to witchcraft, where poetry/prose there will be much more informal. I’ve decided to use that as a force to jump start my creative drive that seems to have been dormant for a bit.