Sometimes, I think I have reverse SAD. As much as I love the summer, particularly as a perpetual student (you crave the break and then two weeks after crave to go back) I so miss this weather every year. It fills me with a wanderlust, clears the air and brings about the most lovely scents. I feel more alive than ever and all the animals are frisky too (the kittens go nuts with the windows open, running around everywhere like little lions on crack). Everything is better in Autumn. Here in the South, on the plateau where we live, the leaves just start to change this time of year. My plants need the final tending before we try to construct a kitten proof green house for the apartment, where hopefully the mint, rosemary, lavender, sage, oregano, and aloe will flourish. I’m also hoping to get some belladonna and mandrake sown around Samhain, gotta start soaking the seeds tonight.

I sadly missed the Blogging Party I signed up for over at the Witch of Howling Creek. I’ve been bogged down a fair bit with classes, which had prevented me from blogging much the past few months. I realize though that I miss it. I enjoy writing down my thoughts and, although I certainly have some trepidation for sharing them with the public, I find it a useful exercise in making what are often stream of conscious groups of thought into a readable, coherent and digestible article that can either contribute to the greater pagan and witchcraft internet community or just let others see some of my personal practices and UPG.

I do want to post about all my blogging plans for the future but, let’s face it, other things are more important for planning. I’ll save the ideas until implementation, so I won’t end up making promises I can’t keep. I’m still alive, still full of random thoughts and witchiness, and still being a spazz, as always.