I’ve been debating on the content of my blog. Whether or not I want to post anything about plans or even ideas, as my life tends to be relatively volatile and jumpy. I realize though, as I try to search in stability, that I need a good research and writing challenge. Not to add more to my work load, but to really get in touch with what has inspired me.

First, a bit of news. I’ve decided to declare a classics major! Yay! I can officially just take tons of shit that interests me about the Ancients, and living in a city with the reconstructed Parthenon…well yeah, I’m as lucky as I can be without actually living in Europe.

That aside, I’ve decided that I want to take up a…personal challenge. As the Hellenic Gods have always called to me, I’ve decided to take up a “God a month” approach to research. Now, hear me out. I want to spend a month on research to a specific god/goddess. This month will involve historical research as well as some personal UPG and mythos based thoughts. After this, the following month, I want to…how do you say…test drive having specific days set aside for them in the monthly calendar/an aside devotion time. Even if I don’t necessarily immediately ‘jive’ with them. While I’ll never be a Hellenic recon, I definitely think that it is important to acknowledge as much as I can about the pantheon where I pull a great deal of my worship (the rest from the spirits et al, things that more fall under spirituality and my witchcraft persuasion and less god-based). This will run concurrent, so that the first month I have just the one month study, then the second a different one month study and incorporation of the original and so on.

This of course does not mean that in month three I won’t still be researching or making offerings to who I explored in the first month- quite the contrary, I seek do develop a well rounded base of knowledge and personal practice. I will still be working on my witchcraft practices, don’t fret. In fact, the main reason I make distinctions on here is because of those who love to discredit involving Greek deity with magic and those that have a shit fit over semantics.

Anyway, I may post my order for research, or at least the initial. Of course, it will be headed by Hekate. After, I’ll most likely explore Hestia, and then follow with the 12 Olympians. That itself will take over a year, then after that Persephone, Hades and Ariadne will most likely make an appearance. I’m sure that Nike, Eros, Eris, Nyx, Nemesis, Themis and several others will make an appearance, particularly if this becomes the project I want it to, and it will most likely also include mythic beings not explicitly referenced as gods (Ariadne and Helen obviously in their contestedness, but also monsters/transformed characters such as Medusa and others). I’ll create a more ordered list at a later time.

I plan to start this on the next Noumenia, giving myself a bit of time to solidify myself back into classes and catch up. I hope to have some other things posted as well soon, but we all know how that goes!

Also, be very jealous. I was able to hear a lyre playing Pindar and Euripides today. I had shivers.