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This is my first week participating in Sannion’s Ivy-clad Tuesdays! Yay!

This week, the questions are on festivals. Here we go!

1)Tell us something about the festivals you celebrate.

Currently, I’m in the process of researching festivals that are meaningful to me. I generally celebrate the standard 8 pagan sabbats along with secular counterparts that may or may not overlap in meaning. I’ve been incorporating Noumenia, Agathos Daimon and the Deipnon into my standard monthly practice, as well as a full moon observance, but some months lately it has been difficult. I have a feeling it won’t be this month though! The Deipnon in particular is a big one for me, since I’m really called to work with Hekate, and I’m slowly trying to understand more about the Noumenia and Agathos Daimon to both know the traditional ways of celebration as well as what is practical and applicable to my life.

2) How can you make these festivals more artful?

Well, the first would be making sure my shrines and altars are appropriately decked out for the seasons. Certain shrines may stay static from the seasons, but a standard working altar would probably reflect changes (even if I get lazy and tend to just toss a few leaves on it or something). I’d like to offer more personal things to the gods, particularly on the 3 monthly lunar celebrations (4 counting full moon). I really want to get back into playing guitar and learn to play the ocarina, and I think musical offerings would be lovely. Also, dedicated offering baking for the sabbats and any Hellenic festivals I may choose to incorporate. Besides jazzing it up seasonally, I think finding good quality things in general, jazzing up what I have, would be awesome. Things need cleaning, bones need whitening. Things are static here, and that isn’t good. Everything should have meaning, even if its just a pretty pretty thing.

The other way I can make my celebrations more artful is to throw myself into them. If I have to go to classes on a certain day, dress the part! Ok, so I can’t go naked for Beltaine, but I can wear pretty and fun things besides, lots of ribbons and various sexy things that are technically publicly appropriate 😉 Also, to just let the nature of the festivals overtake me in action and in body. I wanna feel it to my soul!

I’ve been listening to Florence + the Machine and writing about documentaries on Mesopotamia, and now I’ve got to finish my Attic Greek for tomorrow. Fuck, I love this life!