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Ugh.  I’ve been home sick for the past few days, which in itself isn’t remarkable.  I’m stressed out of my mind and starting medication (finally) to help focus more, but sometimes I just worry too much and then start to freak out that I’m going to fail, etc. I’ve got to get my shit in gear!

Anyway, that was mostly a side rant. I’ve been gathering materials to start my research, and I’ll be honest, the time spent researching Hekate may end up lasting a few months before I start actively researching the rest of the pantheon. This is for 3 main reasons-

1) I’ve gathered a huge amount of material, probably at least 10-12 books, and while I can article hop, I’d rather be able to read in context.
2) My teacher, Grace, made an important point- If I’m feeling that Hekate is calling me to her service, I should probably make sure that She feels my research to be adequate before actively researching others.
3) I’m swamped until mid December anyway.

With that in mind, I’ll be listing the books I’m researching from in my goodreads most likely. Fair warning, there will be ALOT. If I can’t list on there, say a dissertation or two that goodreads may not recognize, then I’ll add those titles on my blog somewhere. I’m very excited to be able to have access to all of this, it makes me so happy!

My plan in conjunction with this personal research involves a revamp/refocusing on the practical lessons in my student studies that I may have rushed over. Journaling (both public on the blog and private) will be key to this, since I tend to let ideas just stay in my head, and never end up getting them out so I can review them later.

This blog entry will be fairly short, I’ve got to get a bunch of schoolwork done before tomorrow, considering I’m already behind and have missed class. If I can make it through this week though, I’ll have a nice long bit of wonderful Thanksgiving break to catch up on work and snuggle with Boyfriend. I can’t wait!