So, I realized that I don’t remember ever writing a formal introduction of me here on the blog, and I figured I should probably do that at some point. Of course, I’ve got a small blurb on my ‘about the author’ page, but I don’t want to assault people on a single page. It’s best to do that in an actual entry 😉

I go by Nymphaea most commonly in the pagan sphere, or Nym for short, since I’ve got a few gaming tags that generally line up with the ‘Nymph’ theme (Nymphoria on League of Legends, Nymphadora as my main wow character for a few years). Contrary to what it seems, Nymphaea was actually not just an out of the blue name, but a kind of message-from-the-gods, slap-in-the-face name, and so my other derivatives came from here, with Nymphadora being the exception (because it’s the most badass name in Harry Potter, that’s why). My name in real life is Chelsea, and I’ll go by either, but I generally enjoy just the nickname Nym or Nymph, since I’ve been called that in multiple life spheres.

I started on my path to where I am spiritually today in my freshman year of high school, back in 04/05, by borrowing a friend’s copy of Teen Witch by, you guessed it, Silver Ravenwolf. While the author isn’t my favorite, I can’t hate too much, just because of that one fact. Anyway, I spent those first few years slowly learning about things, and constantly debating whether or not to be Christian or Pagan (I hadn’t been Christian since I was a child, and was just yearning for spirituality and acceptance, like any lonely youth), but always learning more. After a final split from any Christian ties during my senior year of high school, I fully jumped aboard the pagan train (all aboard!) and never looked back.

I’m not Wicca, and never have been. I identify as a few different categories, and I’ll explain. First, as a general pagan. I hold importance in a general earth-based spirituality and use many of the broad archetypes that are found in general neopaganism, particularly when I feel the need to connect to certain aspects of that archetype, and not that of specific Gods. More on my distinctions on archetypes and specifics of my polytheism later. Second, I identify as a Hellenic polytheist, or one could combine the two as Hellenic Pagan. This means I am not a recon, nor will ever profess to be. I love the Hellenic Gods. I’ve been obsessed since before I can remember. Yet, I know in my heart that a recon path is not for me. I, however, do not take nor misappropriate shit willy-nilly from places when it comes to my gods. I will never do that. Instead, I search to find academic sources, other’s personal experiences, and then develop my own UPG with them. Believe me when I say true academic sources, as I have access to the libraries of a top 25 university at my fingertips. In addition to that, I’m a student in The Forest’s Edge tradition of witchcraft. I’m a kitchen/hearth witch, in the sense that I work with the household spirits, house magics, hearth and home. I’m a green witch, in that I work with the spirits of plants and the gardens, and am working on taking that to the wilds. I’m also a baby hedgewitch, in that I’m beginning the process of incorporating the more shamanic-based mysteries of travel and journeying into my path. I’ve got basic interests in Hoodoo and other systems of magic, but refuse to just take bits and pieces, and so can’t fully divulge those interests til I have more time.

I’m drawn to a darker sort of path, but not in the way you think. I’m not talking about cursing (I’ve got no qualms if it is required, you don’t fuck with a witch), but instead a more spiritual and esoteric darkness. Let’s just say, when 3 of the darkest goddesses come to you and shake you by the collar, claim you to your face, and tell you that you’re never getting way, it’s a pretty clear signal that your center will always be in that deep dark core of death and rebirth, decay and growth. I’m drawn to that smell of the dying leaves, that wet decay that covers the earth.

Some crafts where I’d like to bring magic more into are my drawing, my beginnings into learning how to knit/crotchet, etc. I spend a lot of time in the books too, and am a complete bibliophile.

I’ve got things for snakes and for cats, love dogs and other animals too. I own a kitten, a 9 month old Maine Coon mix named Charlie, who I’m in absolute love with. He’s my baby boy, and often sleeps next to my side or face at night. I also have a gorgeous albino jungle corn snake, named Taco, who is a sweetie pie (I’ve nicknamed her my serpentine lovely). She is about 9 years old, and over 5ft long.

I’m a student in my second go around of college. The first time ended poorly, due to ADHD, which at the time was not diagnosed. I’m in the process of finishing all my testing, and getting medication sorted out. I’m working towards a degree in classics, and greatly enjoy the university I attend.

I’ve got wonderful friends and am learning to love and be happy with myself again. It’s a long process, but I’ll get there. Between my different passions and ambitions, if I can calm myself just a bit and stay focused, I may have a shot at it!

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got in me for now. If you have any questions or want to know anything else, comment or email me!