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I’m reading The Gods of the Greeks by C. Kerenyi currently, as the start of my personal research, and loving it. He goes over the three main origin stories of the Gods, the Okeanos and Tethys myth, the Night, Egg and Eros mythos, and then of course the Chaos and Gaia origin. If you think about it, the primordial forces then are Tethys, Nyx and Gaia. The sea, the night and the earth. That’s a pretty fantastic trio of mother figures right there, and something I think I want to come back to for more musings. And for that watery force of those, you should have a listen:

Also, posted some new poetry on my Tumblr, Insanctum. I’ve decided to keep my more random poetic ramblings as well as my general day to day bitching at stuff over on that site, trying to keep things a bit more separate (plus, who am I kidding, categorizing makes me ridiculously happy). Also, one more song for you guys, I’ve been in love for weeks: