I have a lot to write down soon, both personal and spiritual. I’ve been slammed with classes and having my own issues with struggling to get my work done and my focus issues. I really do hope I can make it.

I recently set up my new altar/shrines and I’m quite happy with them. I’ve always had issues being content with those areas, but I thought out each and every thing on them, and I really like it. They of course will evolve as my practice does, but for now I am content. I will be posting about them quite soon too, with pictures!

Over the rest of this month, I’d like to take time and think of a good set of prayers to use for my Hekate prayer beads. I definitely feel that I would like to create an easy set of them to memorize for quick recitation at the end of the day. I may also try at the beginning of the next moon to start a monthly series of devotionals. I know this is pretty common with those who are called to the Hellenic Gods. In addition, I really want to also focus on the other part of my practice, involving my tradition, and working with the local energies and involving myself in the magic and ritual of every day experience. I need to get my hands dirty!

This was more of a “hey, I’m not dead!” post. I tend to post more random day to day things on twitter and tumblr, but I really want to make what I post on here a bit more…polished? Put together? I don’t know. I suppose it would be more worth worrying about if I actually could sit down and collect my thoughts to write them down!