Tonight I finally decided to get off my ass and do some work. Granted, not the school work I should be desperately diving into, but spiritual work, which I feel is as much needed right now as the other. I had recently found a groundhog skull and had received in the mail a red fox skull and a coyote skull. That, combined with the cat skull, magpie wing, and random other things I own, made me realize I really needed to do a good blessing tonight.

I first set everything up over the night and gathered what I thought I’d need. I have a few altar/shrines set up in my room. My large altar is definitely an altar, a working space and an area meant to call the Presences and where my ritual tools sit. Granted, while not a tiny area, I do have quite a bit on there, so I also will use the floor around it or a little tv stand next to it (the big altar is in the tv area of an entertainment system that I used to store all my witchy goodies). I have an altar/shrine to Hekate, in the sense that it works as both a permanent home to honor her as well as part of it being a work space, and then I have a shrine to honor my ancestors (I also can honor them at my large altar, and so I consider that an area where I’d work with the ancestors more actively, where the shrine is definitely a place for honoring instead of working).

I put on a spiritual play mix on my computer (which sits in the same room) and lit up all the candles and some incense and fumigated the area with it’s delicious muskiness. I called the Presences and lit Hekate’s area. I made holy water and washed all the skulls in it, washed my charms and fetishes and sprinkled my feathers with the water. I wrapped the skulls up and set them up on my altar while I continued, rubbing anointing oil and oil for the dead along with various other oils for poisonous magical allies when necessary. My new blade and my wand were anointed, as were my deity statues and all of the wonderful dead things. I did my best to empower and connect with each item, although I am still working on this process. As I made the bones home for allies, I made sure to specify that they would be the spirits of those animals who were friendly (at least, I tried to make sure I communicated that). This night was all about cleansing and consecrating and establishing my connection to the spirits. I am quite exhausted, but I was sleepy beforehand anyway (long day). I’m rather happy that everything seemed to go well, although I did have to calm down the red fox spirit a bit, but I hope I managed. The coyote grinned at me, he’ll be a welcome handful. The cat I’ve had for years, and I’m pretty sure will always be with me. I have two more skulls on the way, 2 deer, as well as a few goodies incoming from various places, some of these I will need to cleanse and consecrate, and some I’ll just need to connect with myself.

I also experimented with my first wood burning today. I’m not very good but I definitely could be doing worse. Anyway, I’m off to bed. I’ll post altar pictures soon! Just too darn tired tonight to do much or care much after all that.