Finals are coming, which means I’ll be less able to write meaningful things here. After the 30th, expect an awesome 10 page paper of mine on Hekate here, as well as a bunch of PBP posts. I want to be caught up by the end of May. I like activities that encourage routine, simply because I am so ADHD that even the tiniest things are a sign of progress.

I’ve been attempting to do a devotional in the morning and evening by reading certain hymns for the gods, depending on the day. I’ve not had the best of luck thus far. I’m mashing any day I miss with another, which isn’t the best, but I promised I’d read them. I also think I’m going to make Sunday my weekly devotional day, for a more serious sit down. I’m really at the point where I want to leap into deeper waters, but I have to work on those relationships with the gods and spirits before I jump.

This weekend, besides schoolwork, I hope to get some planting done. I’ve got a host of seeds, both culinary and for witchy purposes. I’m going to attempt to do everything as best I can, since some of these bad babies take extra love and care to start blooming. /crosses fingers

Anyway, until the 30th, don’t necessarily expect any posts on here, or, if there are, expect them to be a bit more expositional as opposed to educational. I may write some on my tumblr, but also no guarantees there either.

I’ve had some adjustments in medication too, which will hopefully assist with my studying (rampant ADHD combined with poor life habits make for a hard return to college). I’m going to spend the summer months working hard and establishing routines so I can function in day to day life better, and then of course prep for 3rd semester Greek and 1st semester Latin.

Wish me luck, I definitely need it. It’s been an awful semester, but it’s almost done.