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I’m not an easy going person n the sense of living or even thinking in simple terms. I’m high stress and high anxiety and riddled with bad memories, all fueled behind a constant whirring of thoughts in an extremely ADHD fashion (even taking medication doesn’t make these things go away, it has to work in conjunction with a routine and an improvement with life changes that I’ve been lacking thus far and so I’m still stuck in this state of mind). I’ve been particularly struggling lately with finals coming and that causing a huge spike in my negative emotion pit, particularly because I’ve missed so much class and that crashes…right about now.

Anyway, last night I had some really awesome thoughts under the light of the moon, and also in the shower. I paused…and breathed. For someone such as myself, even doing this simple task can help. I’m not even saying trying any intentional methods, any alignment of the souls or anything. Just breathe. I did that, in the shower, for a good bit (at least in respect for myself) and let all the random thoughts and images flow through my head. Finally, I started trying to be aware of myself, my body. I began at my feet and felt, at least a bit, the movement and awareness of myself and my energy, all the way up my body, moving with each breath. I moved all the way to my crown and out, and was quite pleased, considering I always have this block around my 3rd eye area/temples that causes headaches sometimes when I try to force things to happen.

I truly think breath is the key to beginning to mend the disconnects of my life. I’m challenging myself, and you, the readers, to take at least 5 minutes a day to breathe. Take just a minute to feel yourself and connect to what is around you, after letting all your worries float away. This is my first step in cultivating a more mindful attitude, which I will probably post later on.