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Finally done with finals and spent some time recovering. I’ve got a personal schedule for catching myself up to the PBP project, should be done in July. Some of my posts for it will be shorter than others, but hopefully all will be enjoyable! Also expect more regular posts soon

The ideas of beauty are controversial in both ancient and modern societies. We find ways to argue on whether or not it is fair to even judge beauty, what the criteria are, and end up screaming at one another with relatively useless and nonsensical reasoning to support our deny these criteria. Hell, even in the pagan community, there is a huge argument on whether or not on the ideas of beauty, specifically pertaining to people.

I could go into philosophical reasoning or actually do specific research on this, but to be honest I’m too damn lazy right now. Really, the reason I wanted to post this is because I want to pose a challenge for both the readers and myself. I want, for each day, you to look in the mirror. Yes, it is ok to see your imperfections, particularly those you can work on changing naturally. See what you dislike, and realize you have to either accept it and use it to your advantage or you have to change it. This doesn’t just apply to physical appearance either- change the things you dislike about yourself and accept those you can’t change.

But, most importantly, love yourself. See your imperfections, your quirks, and make them your own. Own your own shit, even if it’s bad. You can’t transform that which you cannot hold.

Finally, realize you are fucking beautiful. I don’t care who you are, gods damn it, you are fantastic. You are alive, you are human. If you are moping, take yourself outside, and see the beautiful world around you. Look at the strangers, the friends, the grass, the sky, anything you can. Realize that it’s ok to feel blue for a bit, but that there are too many amazing things in this life too keep you down. Feel the wind and the water, and most of all feel your own heartbeat. Nothing is more potent a reminder that you are alive.

Done with rambling. Hopefully my next topics will be better! Still, posting something is better than nothing, and I’m a bit rusty on writing.