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Hello everyone! So, since finals are over and the summer is stretching its head, I figured I’d update to what my seasonal plans are.

May itself will be work and getting all the loose ends of my life in order, which hopefully will finally happen. I’ll be honest, it’s really difficult for me some days, being in the mental state I was last semester. I’ve cut out some things that caused excess stress though, and am working on reshaping my life, if I can stick with it. I’d love to finally have some self confidence again. That would be lovely. I could use the ‘getting real tired of your shit’ meme on myself for myself far too often!

June will be work and summer school, and July may or may not include summer school, depending on the results of June. Of course, August will involve prepping and then the beginning of the new semester, which quite possibly may kick my ass up and down the block unless I’m ready for it. Gods damned it, I’m going to be!

For my plans involving the blog and my personal path, I’ve set up some….ambitious goals. Truthfully, they seem a bit steep even for me, but I’m kind of curious on whether or not I can tackle them. Ordinarily, I’ll make excessive plans but think they are reasonable and then forget and not follow a single one. If these seem a lot even for me, maybe I’ll do at least some. Granted, goals are good but I can’t allow myself to become depressed if something takes longer, but at the same time I can’t be happy if I don’t get any of them done. I’m still working on the ‘appreciate the little things’ mentality and allowing myself to be happy when I get something done, but also working not allowing said happiness to become complacency, which is never good (at least not for me).

I want to start my Orphic hymn devotional project again. Technically, I’ve already messed it up- I should have started yesterday. Instead of trying to backtrack, I’ll just start where it begins tonight. Some time ago, I found a lovely list that takes you through hymns when waking and when sleeping. Besides honoring the gods, if I can do this it will force me to start establishing routine, which is desperately needed in my life. I want to also start up the beginning of the meditations on the Gods I had mentioned a while back. It’s a 13 month start, but in reality longer, since the idea is to never start learning. As she is so close in my life, this month (lunar month) will be dedicated to thinking about, researching and exploring Hekate, in both historical terms and in my own personal life. Then the plan is to move on to Hestia, then the rest of the Olympians (ok, so actually 14 months once that is done, with the inclusion of Dionysos). After this first set, I’d like to go into the other major members of the Greek pantheon, then either move to minor or add other divinities that smack me upside the head.

My classes with the trad are back on. Technically, I’m quite close to finishing my time as a student, but I’m personally dissatisfied with my progress, so I’ve plotted out a review of those classes, assuming the one upcoming is my last. I may very well be able to meet with my teachers more, but even if I’m done as a ‘student’, per se, I’m nowhere close to where I need to be for initiation, so I have my work cut out there for me anyway.

I’ve plotted out a schedule to catch myself back up with the Pagan Blog Project. Should shit hit the fan, the schedule will be one of the first things to go. I’ve got to prioritize things, and while working on firm establishment of my spiritual self is important, writing for the project has to sit lower on the tier list taking in account my other commitments (which reminds me, I actually need to write down all of those anyway and then actually make a list of importance so if I feel overwhelmed I can reorganize things in a beneficial way instead of just throwing caution to the wind and derping about like a moron, which tends to be my natural reaction when I get overly stressed).

I’ve also decided that I’d really like to do some meditation/contemplation on individual things that are part of my path, and the first physical thing that would require a regularly established schedule of sorts is tarot. I’ve got 3 different decks that I’d really like to reflect upon their symbolism and meanings both personal and defined. I’m going to try to tackle 1 card from each deck once a week (so 3 a week total) but if it proves to be too much I’ll cut back to one.

Of course, goals for regular holiday observances and the monthly lunar celebrations are of course a given. I’d also like to specifically research some particulars for the Hellenic and Greek holidays, but that may have to sit on the back burner. I also have an impressive reading list I’d like to tackle that will actually grow as I add more and more of my own current library in addition to classics that I’d like to read. This reading list was originally going to be primarily,although not exclusively, pagan related, but I may include general religious studies and philosophy along with it. Hell, it may just end up being my master reading list in general, excluding fiction of course.

Those are the main ‘spiritual’ plans over the summer, but I have other goals that would definitely affect me on a more than physical level, with weight loss and fitness being in high priority. I’ve also got to review my greek material so I have a shot to pass next semester. Alas, it may be a few years before I can start trying to relearn French, since Greek and Latin together will probably be too much language anyway.

Of course, I have other personal goals as well. I’m working on a drawing project for a present, I want to run a D&D campaign but haven’t gotten around to planning it yet, I still technically play WoW but I haven’t done much with it lately, and of course there is LOL. At least I can’t really try to micromanage that, since I only play with my friends and not on my own, where games like WoW I can turn into silly time syncs and legitimately make myself feel guilty for not doing dailies or whatever.

As an update, my garden is doing quite well right now. Tons of seedlings! The more sundry darlings will be started in the coming weeks, and I’ll get some photos soon, just haven’t had time to clear up my patio yet and I didn’t want to take ridiculously messy photos, haha.

As always, I aspire to make this blog more well-researched on topics I find interesting, but I’m restricted with time currently. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to make that transition, but for now you guys get to listen to me prattle on and on about random ramblings in my mind. Lucky you!