Heya everyone! So, yeah, I’ve been pretty nonexistent this summer when it comes to internet presence. A lot has been from summer classes, new relationship (yay me), life balancing and other factors. I’d like to resume writing on here soon. Again, I’m really wanting this blog to be my more ‘well written’ outlet, where I post researched topics, ranging from a few paragraphs to a medium sized paper. I’ve set up a few different tumblrs for myself, which I’ll link in the side bar but also link here.

As always, I have my main tumblr, Insanctum , which serves as my random crap one. I’ll be more inclined to post poetry or random videos I like on there, and if you find random bits of insanity fun, I’d recommend occasionally looking at it!

My next one is a tumblr specifically devoted to my journey in losing weight, getting fit/healthy and trying to cope with my ADHD and anxiety. It also will serve as a bit more personal ranting, but any ranting on there will relate to academics, frustrations with adhd/anxiety/doing poorly in school/not losing weight/etc, weight loss, mental management and the like. It should be a mix of helpful and rambling stuff, but eventually I’d like to get far enough along my journey so that other people may read about it and get something out of it. The title needs a bit of work, but whatever. Inner and Outer Transformations

The last of the tumblrs is one devoted to a story project of mine. It’s a bit odd, and I want to explain some but I may do that at a later time. Right now it only has one post but that is because it will evolve over time. It’s a side project that I can continually work on at my leisure. Everything on that blog, whether it me words, pictures, videos or whatever, are things I feel give something to the story experience, even if it may be a music video or a random image- they all impart emotions that I want the reader to understand and ones that relate to the overall feeling. It also totally has main characters based on awesome mythic beasts and women, and the project is titled Sisters of Myth.

Of course, all the links will be on the side along with my deviant art and twitter and any other things I at least attempt to use on the internet. I hope to write something good in the next week or two, but don’t hold me to that, I’ve got to try and do decently this semester!