I wanted to share an encounter I had a few months back.

I was walking down the main road that runs between my apartment complex and several others. The road is one way each lane and divided by a large median with bike lanes on each side, but only one side has an occasional sidewalk. I was walking down the road, towards traffic (so the ‘right way’ according to whoever establishes traffic rules, when I was younger you walked with traffic but whatever) and in the bike lane. It had lightly rained some time earlier, and I had my headphones on and blaring, as I tend to, when I looked up and saw a large rottweiler loose and walking across the road and into the grassy median. It started to come back to the edge of the road towards me, but I noticed an oncoming car. I stopped cold and pointed at the dog, half shouting for it to stay, as I was quite worried it would get hit. It stayed stock still til the car passed, then trotted over and up towards some apartments. The entire exchange took maybe 10-15 seconds.

A few minutes later, I was on a part of the road that curved. I looked up and I saw a car coming at me, sideways, squealing its breaks that I couldn’t hear because of my headphones. I scampered up the grass hill beside me, as the car actually spun up on to that part as well. By the time it had righted itself out, it was just below me. Had I not stopped to help the dog, I would have been a few seconds farther along that road and directly in the path of that moronic driver (who gave me a dirty look, as if saying ‘hey, I almost hit you, and if I did it would be your fault.’). The correlation of the black dog and Hekate crossed my mind, but as spiritual as I am I’m equally skeptical (I was also in shock still and not really thinking clearly at all anyway). The next day, I left my apartment and, as I walked to my car, I saw that rottweiler outside my building, sitting under the maple tree next to us. The dog just sat there, panting a bit, as I got into my car to rush to campus. A few days after this, I saw the same dog being walked by its owner.

Each of these encounters carried the weight of knowing that the Gods are there. I mean, when the main Goddess in your life is often symbolized with black dogs as her companions, well, there aren’t too many ways you could interpret that. I owe my life to Her, and I also have proof that having compassion can not only save the life of another living creature, but your own. The Gods are watching, and waiting for you to make a move. Whether or not you are rewarded for your actions depends on the choices that you make.