So, I’m hoping, once I get school stuff a bit more caught up, to eventually upgrade my blog. Apparently there is a chance that wordpress can show adds now on my blog and I don’t want that. I’m on a tight budget so it is hard to just drop the money I need to upgrade (which would let me put my own videos on here, more storage, own website name, no adds, etc). I’m considering adding a donation button, offering basic tarot readings for $3-5, and then also considering little crafts I can make and put up on my etsy shop that is basically nonexistent right now. One thing I’m pretty decent at doing is creating clay roses from sculpy. Here are a few shots of my latest one!

Clay Rose Final 1

Clay Rose Final 2

Clay Rose Final 3

I hope to figure out how to paint them and then possibly make them on stems. If I’m able to polish them up a bit, would anyone be interested in purchasing them for $10-15 (unstemmed) and $15-20 (with stem)? I’m not sure how much exactly I’d charge for them, but I’m of course constrained by materials cost, which for the actual sculpy isn’t much but I have no idea how much effort I’ll need for figuring out how to stem them (especially if I use a different material for the stem).

I’ll let you all know when I’m ready to actually offer readings and when the shop is up and running! If you like the rose, leave me a comment so I can judge if people actually like them!