Hey guys! Midterms are the reason for my silence right now, I’ll be back to posting regularly soon.  Just wanted to toss out some quick updates!

First, check this out- http://www.polytheismwoborders.com/

It’s a blog and forum dedicated to polytheists of all paths and it is absolutely wonderful!

Next, this- http://theforestsedge.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/open-ritual-with-the-forests-edge/

Our trad is having an open ritual! Whoo!  If you are in the Nashville area (or hell, the middle TN area in general) come on by!  We won’t bite, too hard at least! *winkwink*

Pagan Pride Day just went down, and I got two awesome lovlies as well as participating in my first large public ritual!

First, a pretty little faerie door from the most wonderful shop that had so many fantastic polymere clay creations and rekindled my interest in working with the medium!

Faerie Home

The second is the most wonderfully delicious and creepy mug I’ve ever laid eyes on. I went to it 4 times before I decided to splurge. It also makes me want to finish my Lovecraft anthologies!

Octopus Mug 1

Octopus Mug 2

The creators of these pretty little things have etsy shops, https://www.etsy.com/shop/zoeowyn and https://www.etsy.com/shop/thedruidsden respectively.

Also, I realized I had never posted any pictures from our Mabon ritual! I won’t go into details much (I may or may not later) but here are a few photos of the altar set up!

Mabon 2013 1

Mabon 2013 4

I’m working on a few different things, as always, but soon I hope to add polymere clay to that list. I was silly and didn’t realize that sculpy was polymere clay, and so I realized that I could just use colored clay for my roses (herp derp) instead of trying to paint the damned things and all their tiny cracks!

Also, from a combination of having years of partial or full snake sheds from my wonderful corn snake as well as needing some extra funds to hopefully increase my blogging presence by upgrading the blog to pro (I can’t stand that wordpress may start running adds on free blogs without the author’s consent), I’ll be selling segments of partial sheds. I won’t sell full sheds, I keep all of those, but I’m offering 6 inch segments for $5. Shipping is included as I’ll probably press it fairly thin and just send it in an envelope. Email me at fringenymph@gmail.com if you are interested. If you specifically want an area that includes the head or tail, ask and I’ll set that aside for you until the areas run out. I use snakeskin as offerings (both in fire, albeit a bit stinky, as well as just a plain offering itself) to Hekate, but snakes are also associated with most underworld/chthonic deities. Zeus, Demeter and Ares are all associated with snakes (sometimes winged serpents), as well as several other of the Theoi. You can also use snakeskin as a point of contact/offering for getting in touch with Snake as a spirit guide. Snake is a fantastic partner for journeying, as well as being a keeper of great knowledge and a mystic (I’m actually just starting to delve into work with Snake myself).

Any money from selling the skins will go straight to the pot to fund the blog. I need $99 for this upgrade, and it will do several things:
-domain name and mapping
-no ads (yay!)
-allow me to upload my own videos
-add another 10G of storage to the site for photos and videos
-allow me to make custom css changes

I would really like to delve further into blogging and offer as much as I can to the community. To remain blog free and to allow me to share my own direct videos, as well as work on making the blog more aesthetically appealing, I’d really love to get the upgrade, but I can’t justify it out of pocket, being a poor student and all. If you’d care to support me, purchase some lovely snake skin! I’m also going to be enabling a donate button on the side, and anyone who donates over $3 can email me for a basic tarot reading!

Also, I wanted to let you guys know about a future project I hope to get started soon. I want to run a podcast for the Theoi, where I read aloud myths concerning Them, then present research and evidence of their historical worship, and then discuss modern interpretations and worship of Them. I’d like to do this on a “God by God” basis, so to speak, where I’d examine each on their own show (or two to three, depending on the length). Any money I get from the skins and any donations after the $99 for the WordPress upgrade will go straight to funding this project! I’d like to start it as soon as Yule and the holiday season (possibly right after Yule). I am also interested, at some point, to have a separate podcast on my more witchy practices, but that will take a backseat to this first project.

Soon I hope to start selling some of my artsy stuff on etsy, I’ll link my store whenever I have stuff for you to buy on it. I’m sorry for the blatant self promotion, but I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do, and I’m going to use any proceeds to help give back to the community the best ways I can!

Anyway, I have to shower before I run off to class. I’ll post more soon!