edit: I’m not intending on keeping this as my blog theme, fyi, but I can’t change things until I’m on the desktop. Yay seasonally outdated Halloween goodness!

Hey guys! Just wanted to pop down a quick filler post, to let you know where I’ve been.

Well, good news is that I had a most lovely Thanksgiving vacation! Whoo, yay me! I went to the wonderful city of Boston and got to spend a whole week with the amazing bf (I’ll refer to him as Int from now on) as well as getting to spend Thanksgiving itself with family in Connecticut. Everything was absolutely fantastic!

The bad news is that, when I got home, I derped pretty hard and got a most horrible form of malware on my desktop and had to wipe it, and now of course am having problems with the reinstall. So, for the time being, I’m stuck on my jank-ass laptop, and so honestly haven’t felt like writing.

In other less than pleasant news, my medical leave from school has been forcefully extended through the spring. No matter what improvements I may have made prior, there is a new policy requiring mandatory 3 month minimum out during medical leave. This isn’t ideal, obviously, as I’ll now have to get a job and will have to cram everything into the summer and one last year, but hopefully it will all work out. I know I do need the time to work on myself more so I can actually do well in classes and make the most out of my education, so I’m trying to be positive. I haven’t told the family yet, not sure how to break it to them (they won’t be pleased, as they were under the impression that my leave didn’t have a chance of being pushed to the spring as well).

In other news of the more pleasant variety, I just had my 24th birthday (dear gods I feel old now) and it was a pleasant one. I’m getting an eye exam as my large present from the family, and was lucky to get two birthday dinners (one lovely one from Int while I was in Boston at Legal Seafoods, one from the family who let me take my best friend (Chica) with me, which was at Maggiano’s *yumyum*). I also got a bit of money, with which I’m being irresponsible with and purchasing video games and a psp, because damn it I want to play Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep! I also got some lovely light blue 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets, a cute pair of boots, some cute earrings and a matching pin from an antique shop and my Grandmother’s Bible. She passed away last year on Dec 17th, so for Mom to give me that was really special. I intend on using it as an ancestral focus for remembering her, as well as the Bible I’d use if I ever did any Bible magic (no tearing anything out of it, of course).

I finally got my plants moved inside, before the first major frosts (but sadly not before the basil died, and so alas, no pesto). I’ve got my rosemary, lemongrass, feverfew, Kentucky mint, thyme, yarrow, 3 giant aloe plants, a random decorative plant that I’ve kept alive from my Grandmother’s funeral (which is now the size of a small tree) and some wormwood shoots. I had a few peppermint sprouts too, but the damn things are so hard to grow. I’ve also got an herb kit I’ve never done anything with, but may use for the marjoram seeds in it. I’ll take pictures soon!

The kitties are as fluffy and silly as ever, with my Charchar being as much of both a doll and brat as usual. Taco, my serpentine lovely corn snake, is pretty and spunky right now, moving around the tank. I need to feed her soon, and she and I just had a lovely hang out session the other day while reading the Gray Fox Epistles, a project by one of my new favorite authors, Sylvia Linsteadt. If you haven’t read her works yet, do so immediately! Then promptly sign up for her Gray Fox Epistles project. I love her work, which weaves together classic fairy tales, magic and ecology into fascinating and heart-wrenching landscapes and stories.

Anyway, I’ll be back to writing soon, hopefully after the desktop is fixed. My laptop is from March 2008 and is as finicky as an old brittle tree who sways when you blow on her, so I prefer to not do serious work right now. I also have to do a job search and the holidays are coming up, but I’ll be back soon! My personal projects right now are musing on my current “web theory” and reading through some awesome books. I hope to have a few drawings to put up on etsy to make some money for getting the blog to a better level of operation as well as getting funds for starting my podcast. Have a fantastic Solstice, if I don’t get some entries up before then!