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I usually don’t remember my dreams. Of course, everyone has exceptions to that, and I’m no exception to the rules of exceptions, but in general remembering is a rarity for me.

When I was younger, I never had dreams of flying. In fact, I still don’t. What I always would remember dreaming about (unless it was something directly related to current media I was watching or just simple narrative in dream time of everyday life) would be shape shifting. Now, I would like to think of it being some super awesome indication of me always wanting to be a hedgerider of sorts, but I also read a butt-ton of animorphs as a kid (oh gods that series was a highlight of my childhood experience). Still, many of my dreams would end with me only being shifted halfway, while some would fully complete. Some would be less than pleasant (I remember becoming a centaur, and right as I shifted I was speared through the chest with a javelin as I was trying to escape with someone thrown over my shoulder; a second violent one involved me turning into a wolf and then eating a lot of people-go figure) while sometimes I’d just turn into a duck. Quack.

Anyway, I had my first shifting dream the other day in several months. Funnily enough, it was associated with spiders. I have no memory of the context of the dream. I didn’t shift all the way, although I wasn’t sure if I was trying to, but I remember my arm shifting into a sort of anthropomorphic spider arm. I think I actually ended up with both main arms and an extra set before I woke up. Granted, I play league so there is Elise there, and I am friends with a lot of furries (that’s an interesting story in itself), but I think there was something more to this one. At least, I know the Spider is something significant, at least for the coming time. I’ll have to keep an eye/ear/mind out for Spider, to see if there is something to be learned. I already know that Snake is calling to me.

Moral of the story- don’t let other life shit bog you down, because before you know it you have multiple deities and spirits demanding you to research and give offerings and devotionals to them. It’s a good problem to have, but stressful still.