I promised a better post in a few days, and here it is!

I’ve been on a life break for a while. I’ve had to deal with crippling money issues as well as working to get back into school. My return from medical leave was approved, yay! But then I had a very large sum of money that I had to pay back in order to be able to register (well, large for someone as currently poor as I). My mother was able to loan me the money, so I’m going to be able to return to school in the Fall. I’ve got my classes lined up already. This year will be my last, I hope, and focusing mostly on my major. For all those Greek lovers, out there, you’ll love what I’ve got picked out- The Greek Myths, Greece and the Near East from Alexander to Theodosius, Warfare in the Ancient Mediterranean, The Parthenon The Akropolis and 5th Century Athens, and then to finish up my required courses for liberal arts bit, a US History course from the Reconstruction through WWII. Granted, I haven’t guaranteed all of these yet, but I will mid summer.

As far as witchy things have been concerned, I’ve been quite lazy. I’m kicking myself a bit for that, but I know I did really need a breather from it. Or, less it and more of my list of large expectations that I always create and rarely follow through on. I’ve been working a lot with my ADHD management and trying to create more realistic goals. While they don’t always succeed, it’s a slow learning process. At least I’m making a little progress.

My job is icky, but it’s a job and I know I’m very lucky to have one right now, considering I haven’t finished my bachelors. I’m still wanting to become a librarian and I’ll be working at the library again in the fall, but unfortunately they were full up over the summer.

Our tradition is booming, we had a lovely open Beltaine ritual focusing on bees and we actually have added a new student. Yay! So stoked. I need to finish up my lesson review and focus on what I need to so I can eventually proceed with initiation.

I’ve been playing a fair amount of computer games recently, many with DHMF. He loves that nickname and you guys aren’t allowed to know what it is, but it is funny at least. We are still whatever we are, but he makes me happy and that’s all that matters.

I’m hoping to get a nerdy blog up and running soon, probably at the domain I’ve had set aside forever, but it will depend on other things as well.

I want to write more, but I need to finish up some cleaning here so my apartment isn’t so gross. Garden pics are incoming, as well as hopefully quality writing and articles.

Please ignore any rambling, I’m multitasking and a bit worried about my poor computer. She’s been having issues lately.