As a side note, I’ve realized once again that I’m not really up for truly committing to the PBP like I wanted to, but maybe I can next year. I’m still too inconsistent, and while it’s something that should promote consistency, it also stresses me out. I often place too many obligations upon myself, and it makes my life much more difficult mentally. I’m cutting whatever I don’t need out and, for now, my blogging should be more organic. It’s not like I’m making a living (or for that matter any money) off of my blog. It will go where it goes, and I will give it as much or as little time as I see fit. I’m trying to get more active on my tumblr at least, but those tend to be more random rants, and I’ve got my gaming/nerd blog that’s slowly taking shape (very slowly of course) and so I realize that I need to make sure I’m only taking on what I can handle. So once again, I’m letting go this expectation, but I still do think it’s awesome and still one day want to participate fully.