The Forest's Edge

Originally we had planned to host an open Beltane circle, but when we couldn’t find a space in time, we pushed the open ritual plans back and, since it would just be our core group, decided to combine our celebration with an opportunity for one of our mentees to take the next step in her path and attempt a drawing down.

When she said she really, REALLY felt called to draw down Hekate, we were a tiny bit hesitant. First of all, Hekate and Beltane? And secondly, wouldn’t you like to try a nice, nurturing Goddess, like Isis or Aphrodite? But as a devotee to Hekate, she felt strongly, and we wanted to follow her instincts. She and I teamed up and cranked out a ritual.


As she talked more and more about the Goddess, I was increasingly impressed with her knowledge base and with the intimate, personal connection she…

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