About the Author

Nymphaea is a woman in her twenties.  She is a polytheist, animist, pagan, panentheist, student in The Forest’s Edge tradition of witchcraft and a witch of the green, kitchen and hedge variety.  She has a wonderful Maine Coon mix named Charlie, who is basically her kid.  Her life is made wonderful by growing things, friends, good food, musty books, music, video games and constantly learning.  She is currently located in the Southern United States, and both loves and is frustrated by her surroundings. She suffers from combination type ADHD, and is trying to learn how to live and manage that so that she can be a relatively functioning adult. She’s pretty crazy about her long distance love, and misses her snake Taco immensely. She’s also really spastic and wonders why she decided to type her about page in the third person….

You can contact Nymphaea at fringenymph@gmail.com with any questions that you may have. Have a freaking awesome day!

2 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. patricknicholas said:

    I notice that you call yourself Nymphaea – one of the series of pictures that I have called Metamorphoses is called Ninfea. It has a double meaning in Italian, both nymph and water-lily. The water lily is the birth flower of July – were you born then by any chance?

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