Favorite Things

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Pagans, Polytheists, Mystics, Animists, Witches, Shamans and more

A Forest Door
A Sense of Place
A Young Flemish Hellenist
Adventures in Witchery
Ariadne in Exile
Aspis of Ares
Baring the Aegis
Beloved in Light
Besom, Book and Wand
Borealis Meditation
By Stang and Eagle
Camino De Yara
Candlesmoke Chapel
Dalliances with Deities
Daughters of Eve
Eternal Bacchus
Finnchuill’s Mast
Fuck Yeah Altars
Gangleri’s Grove
Gede Parma
Golden Trail
Graveyard Dirt
Graveyard Dirt: Two Worlds and In-Between
Green Stag
Honey Grove
In the Chime Hours
Inciting a Riot
Into the Grey Mists
Know Thyself
Letter from Hardscrabble Creek
Manx Wytch
Meanderings Along Ancestral Polytheist Paths
Modern Witchcraft
The Mundane Mystic
My Craft and Sullen Art
Mystical Bewilderment
New World Witchery
No Unsacred Place
Of Thespiae
Pagan Reveries
Pray to the Moon
Red Moon Musings
Root and Rock
Rue and Hyssop
Sacred Grove
Sarenth Odinsson’s Blog
Seastruck By the Crossroads
Shivian Morgan
Something Oddly
Southern Fried Witch
Stitch Witch Cottage
The Abysmal Witch’s Blog
The Ashen Kinship
The Alchemist’s Garden
The Allergic Pagan
The Crossroads Companion
The Ditzy Druid
The Flaming Thyrsos
The Hermit’s Journey
The House of Vines
The Iconoclastic Domina
The Informed Pagan
Iron Powaqa
The Juggler
The Little Victorian
The Medicine Woman’s Roots
The Pagan Household
The Political Pagan
The Secret Life of the American Working Witch
The Whimsical Cottage
The Wild Hunt
The Witch of Forest Grove
The Witch of Howling Creek
Valiel’s Notes in English
Walking the Hedge
WildWood Naturals
Witchy Rambles
Witch’s Coffee
Works of Literata







Fantastic Artisans and Shops

Camino De Yara

Candlesmoke Chapel

Artists, Musicians, Writers and more


Awesome Podcasts

Borealis Meditation

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