My Other Haunts

Twitter My twitter. All my blogs do update to here (with the exceptions of re-posts on stuff because that is a bit spammy) so it’s a good place to start if you like what I do/talk about.

Main Tumblr Expect randomness, rants, artistic inspiration, pagan and witchy things, crappy poetry and the like. It’s my hodgepodge place.

Journal Tumblr Just as the title says, it’s my journal tumblr. I post here on life stuff, weight loss, ADHD management, habits, etc. More personal to me, please be respectful.

Arts Tumblr Here I post art only of my creation. That’s about it. Expect some mature things, I do mostly furry/anthro art right now. So yeah.

FurAffinity This is my FA account. I post here about arts stuff, both things I’ve created and commissions I’ve purchased. Only taking commissions at this time through here, if you are interested, but I’ll be eventually opening up over Tumblr.

Restoration Nation My fun nerdy blog, also a wordpress one. Mostly video games.

Pinterest My Pinterest, the stupid addictive thing, I try to not spend too much time on here, but when I do I’m on it for too long >.>;; Still, if you are into it, you can follow me and share cute things with me!

Goodreads Because everyone needs to be reading something at all times damn it!

Deviant Art My Deviant Art account. I don’t update this as regularly as my other art stuff, still not a huge fan of how the site works, but I’ll have some things up there.

Sisters of Myth One of my side story projects, updates whenever I have good things to put on it.

The Ghost of a Hoof Print Another of my side story projects, updating/under construction at the moment.

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